Tamarah Ellen was born to be in the arts!   Her parents introduced her to the arts, starting with dancing school, taking ballet, pointe and tap.  She also took piano lessons growing up, as well as learned to play the Flute and participated in the Marching Band in High School.   She loved dance, and she loved fashion, becoming a model in her teens, and later went to college to become a fashion designer.  Not having the confidence at that time, to get through the sewing classes at UNC-G, she decided to switch her major to business, leaving her not knowing exactly what it was, she wanted to do. 


Later she ended up in cosmetology school, following her passion for the beauty industry.  After 30 years of making people beautiful on the outside, opening a Day Spa, only to close it after the tragic 9/11, she began exploring the personal development world.   She went through many years of self-discovery, through reading as many books as she could get her hands on, attending countless personal development seminars, and over time, realized she had a passion to help others.   She decided that she wanted to journey into helping people discover their inner beauty as well as turn their passions into a career that they loved. 


Feeling she "missed the boat” earlier in life, with her passion to become a model and fashion designer, she decided to revisit some of her old dreams and become an inspiration to others, for their second chance in life.   She felt that the world needed changing, and too much emphasis was put on our youth, and that one can become anything their heart desires, given the chance and learning to change their mindset to BELIEVE.   She quickly saw the advantage we have today, with the world at our fingertips, do to the internet and social media, and decided that she could help others, by using her courage and her voice to celebrate those who wanted to achieve their dreams.   She knew all too well, that most people give up, right before they become successful and most talk shows celebrated “the already celebrated” and she realized she could be the one to bridge that gap of the typical fearful and long journey to one’s dreams.   Her passion to encourage people, unite them and inspired them to go after their dreams, led her to starting Tamarah’s Closet Live Interviews, where she could interview talented people, all over the world.  She believes there is enough wealth, success, happiness, love for all to embrace, if people only would take the first step.  With her own courage, she decided to be the one to create a show and celebrate and promote people, at different stages on their journey, and different ages, to encourage others to revisit some old dreams of their own. 


Tamarah’s mission is to unite people, and come together by learning to help each other, by letting go of their limiting beliefs, as well as feeling in competition with others, but instead, celebrate each other. She believes supporting others is necessary, in order to constantly move into new levels.    Since Tamarah’s passion has always been in the arts, she celebrates people in the art industry, all over the world.  She has always had a gift of being able to mix with “all walks of life” as she says, “I’m a bit of a chameleon and can’t mix with most anyone.”   Her passion for spoiling people, and making them feel like queens and kings, for years hosting parties in her own homes, led her to hosting her own Live Interview show, celebrating and promoting people who have the courage to step into their dreams.


Most of her life, she has enjoyed all different types of art, all genres of music, different fashion, with quite an eclectic taste of the arts in general.  This blending of arts, carries over into her passion to unite and blending people of all cultures, for she believes, it is just as important today, to learn from each other, other cultures, other races, other nationalities, in order to, have a greater compassion of what is going on in our world today.   Unity is power, and even in the arts.   She says, “We are all subject to criticism and judgment in this world, but we do not have to divide.   Our unique differences can, and should, become appealing in such a way, that there is no room for criticism, only unity with one common denominator, which is living our dreams, and happiness!”  

Tamarah Ellen