If you are in the art industry and would like to contact Tamarah for a possible interview, she would love to hear from you, or your management team.  Tamarah interviews people in the industry of the arts, from all over the world, who are serious about their dreams and would like to get to a new level.   You can send her your information below, with a BIO about yourself, so feel free to contact her,  and send the best way that you can be reached.  

Also if you are looking for someone to hire Tamarah for your photographic needs, you can contact her concerning that as well.  Tamarah loves photographing her guest artists, as well as models, musicians, and anyone who is looking for something creative and different; whether it's a portrait, a CD cover, an artistic promotional shoot, or just something very creative, for the artist looking for that creative artistic edge. Also if you are interested in modeling for Tamarah,  for her  Fine Art Photography, feel free to contact her as well. You can visit her photography site at

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